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DPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cohasco, Inc., resource and consultants in historical documents, autographs, manuscripts and valuable materials, for over 50 years. Years ago, in the course of selling documents, customers often asked us what were the safest and best means for preserving their purchases. Further, we were confronted with the matter of preserving our own archives and inventory. Originally begun as a service to our customers, Document Preservation Center today offers a total line of quality-assured products, backed by independent tests and personal experience, and used throughout America.


Division of Cohasco, Inc.

Established 1946

P.O. Drawer 821
Yonkers, NY 10702

Tel 1-914-476-8500 · Fax 1-914-476-8573
E-mail: info AT cohascodpc.com
BACKUP E-MAIL (ONLY): dpc AT dpc.nu

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Cohasco DPC Home.
DPC Home.